WMCF recognises that converts, like all Muslims, are not a single homogeneous group of people. Those who are new to the faith have different needs to those who have been Muslim for a longer period of time. That is why we aim to provide programmes and initiatives that cater for our own diversity. These include programmes for:


  • those considering the faith, or purely to be better informed

  • new Muslims (from 0-2 years of embracing Islam)

  • converts (from 2+ years)

  • Muslims reconnecting with their faith


Our activities are open to everyone; however, we do offer some activities which are gender-specific.  All our programmes provide a non-judgmental environment that is a safe space for all. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are not an aggressor.

New Muslims Network was established in 2001 to provide information, advice and support for new Muslims living in Wales. The network was initially set up as a socialising platform for new Muslims and to enable them to gain a firm grounding in the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam.  


We recognise that new Muslims have differing needs to those who have been Muslim for some time, and aim to support those who have recently embraced the faith as well as those who are reconnecting with their faith.

The NMN aims to:

  • provide information for those interested in Islam

  • run short courses on the basics of Islam

  • organise regular talks centred on issues pertinent to new Muslims

  • share life experiences of converts to assist newer members with their smooth transition into the faith.

  • act as an information source for the families of new Muslims, who may have concerns, and to allay any of their fears.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

Birth of the Messiah
Exhibition Islam
Tree Planting
Ailments of the Soul Course
Bryngarw Picnic
Shaykha Anse Tamara Gray visits
Crescent Centre
Celtic Suite Talk
Shaykh Walead visits

​At WMCF we understand the difficulties that can occur when someone embraces the faith, specifically in regards to feelings of alienation and the need to have a strong social group that offers holistic support. Convert Women Together Sharing & Helping (CWTSH) was established to provide a safe and friendly environment for women who have embraced, or who are considering embracing, Islam. Understanding the need to have a social programme that caters for the specific needs of women, CWTSH aims to bridge the gap for convert women (new and old), and those interested in the faith, providing a forum and space to share, support and connect with each other on an informal, non-judgemental basis.  
So what inspired the name CWTSH? Often simply translated as a hug, a Welsh person knows a cwtsh is much more. When asked what it is, they will often respond first with a fond smile. That’s because a cwtsh is evocative of the warm and loving embrace given to a child by their parents. Another meaning of cwtsh is a place to store things safely. As with a cwtsh, we aim to provide that safe and loving environment to all who come through our doors.   


CWTSH aims to:


  • provide a safe place for convert women to share

  • run weekly morning sessions catered for mothers with young children

  • run weekly evening sessions for women who have childcare or older children

  • organise social get-togethers for women.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

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